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  Welcome To the Class!

A short introductory video laying the groundwork for the class...welcome!!!

Also, if you want a head start on downloading Meshmixer here is a link:

Meshmixer Download

dave ferguson
im really lost, im super new, like i have never dont this before. how do i fill the darn pink hole in the bunny?
Nick Kloski
Hi! These classes are somewhat standalone, but also supplement the Meshmixer and Fusion 360 classes we sell on our website. If you want a brief overview of Meshmixer, you can go to the official Meshmixer manual at: ....but if you want training with examples, use cases, etc, then please consider paying for our Meshmixer class, which will give you a jumpstart for sure!

To answer your question, in Meshmixer, go to Analysis --> Inspector to easily fix the hole :)