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  The Four Lesson Types

There are four types of "lessons" in this class, and it is important to know what those are to be efficient with your time:

  1. Overview: Just that...describing how and why the Fusion 360 developers made the program the way they did. These are useful to know so that you get the big picture for how the components of Fusion 360 interact with each other. These are meant for you to watch and absorb, and not really to be followed step-by-step.
  2. Workflow: Going from start to finish for a project using multiple videos to do so. This shows how to use the tools, why and when to use certain tools over other tools to accomplish a specific project. these you would follow along.
  3. Targeted: These are standalone videos that help you answer typical "How do I accomplish XYZ?" questions. These also you would follow along.
  4. Reference: A large section of short videos that show you how to use the individual tools in Fusion 360. These videos are sorted by (in this order):
    -Lefthand Environment (the menu that exists on the top left, like Model/Patch/Simulation, etc.)
    -Top Row menu (like Model Environment --> Create Menu)
    -Tool Selection (like Model Environment --> Create Menu --> Extrude command)

i know is not the right place to post this question . but is the only way to contact you .you should make a course for alias speed form 2017
Nick Kloski
Thanks for the suggestion! You can always e-mail us at with any suggestions. We will look into Alias, certainly. I know a lot of people in the Fusion community use that software. Since Fusion uses a similar codebase as Alias, there are definitely similarities.
not really alias . old looking software . but speed form ( tspline ) auto desk tutorial is just basic . and not much going on you tube . you be the man do do it .LOL!!